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The tuition/Home school facility thrives on performance and continues to produce outstanding results as proved by our results over the last 20 years. Taking this step shows that you are serious about wanting to pass, and as you learn with us, you will realize that we take your personal performance and specific learning needs and conditions as an individual very seriously. Kalahari Center is a professional private tutorial facility and has been operating in Botswana for the past fourteen years since 1999.





We are situated a few meters from the main-mall and the African mall for ease of access even by public transport. We pride ourselves in giving an all round career advice and meeting the students’ individual and unique challenges with an aim to manage their educational aspiration wholesomely. We have also extended our services to co-operate sponsored groups of students such as the SOS Botswana. We to have staff development packages for organization wishing to develop their staff to suit their individual education needs everyone at their own level during times that take into consideration their work schedules. We are have done so for a large cross-section of organizations, from security companies to law firms. This is specifically useful to those who sat examination such as JC or Cambridge exams in the past and would like to improve their grades with the view of not personal development but possible entry into University or other tertiary institutions.

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What's the staff saying?

Paul Zvidzai

A God, Christian based haven of academic and moral resurrection. At Kalahari lost, shuttered hopes of academic excellence are brought to complete restitution.


Dennis Musau

Growing up i have always been fascinated by success stories. Since i joined Kalahari it has become a daily practice. Big dreamers, welcome to Kalahari Educational Center where results speak unquestionably.

Tariku Alemayehu

Great honour comes with passing on of knowledge especialy when it is from the places you got it from. In this Centre I have grown accademically and spiritually both as a student ad as an helper.



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